3 Clever Ways to Use our Garden Screens this Summer!

3 Clever Ways to Use our Garden Screens this Summer!

We have seen some amazing trends emerging this summer, and we would love to inspire you with the 3 best ones we have loved!  Our screens are so versatile and can be used literally anywhere you please – hence why we love sharing tips to make your space even more fabulous with our screens! 

 1. Cover your stairs!

@Eye4designconstruction used our Moucharabiya screen to cover the steps of a floating stair.  The screens were cut to fit the size of the steps and were then glued to a plastic backing which is cladding the framework of the steps.  They look so beautiful and add a uniqueness to this space! It’s so easy to do as well!

 2. Clad your walls!

Bring your space to life by attaching some of our screens onto your walls using battens.  The screens can be used indoors or outdoors as they are weatherproof! The customer below (@eye4designconstruction) has beautifully placed the Frond tall trellises in-between faux botanical walls, making this wall a stunning feature in the garden.

 3. Divide your areas!

Large frond screens (16mm) were used with our full height posts, and fixed on the decking to create the feeling of a more private area in the garden in the below pictures.  As mentioned before, the screens can be used indoor as well, and you have the choice of using moveable plates with them – so you can move them around rather than fixing them on the ground! 

We hope you liked those ideas, and we would love to see your creations! Don’t forget to follow us on our socials, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for more inspiration!

Use #screenwithenvy with your pictures to share how you are using our screens!

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