Christmas Gift Guide 🎄

Christmas Gift Guide 🎄

It’s time to start Christmas Shopping!! We’ve put together some of our favourite products that you can gift to your loved ones this year. 
Our most popular pattern, Moucharabiya, in large screen form! 

Our screens are extremely versatile, they can be used in sooo many ways! Here are some of our most popular:

Wall Decoration Use our screens simply as decoration! Cover bare walls both inside and out with the intricate design, covering eyesore areas with a screen to be envied.
Fencing Did you know you can use our screens as fencing? Combine our 16mm large screens, trellises and posts to create a stunning fence.
Privatise your Pergolas Many of our customers hang screens on their pergolas to privatise the area without compromising the gorgeous design of the garden…

Their versatility means they can be used in so many ways, meaning home and garden lovers will always be able to find the perfect use for them!
A modern, abstract design in our 4ft x 2ft medium screen size! Small enough to slot into your project, but big enough to stand out! 

Like our large screens, our medium screens can be used in many ways, such as:

Decorative Panneling‑ Spruce up your walls with the contemporary, artistic design, with its multiplicity of colours, there’s a screen for every project!

Low Rise Fencing You don’t need to hide your garden to make use of our screens as fencing! Use our medium screens in 16mm to create a small fence.

Our medium screens are the perfect gift for any home and garden lover, its minimal size means only a small area is needed to house the screen and the modern design is simple and great for everyone!
Mirror Tiles are the PERFECT gift, whether you’re looking to spend £60 or hundreds, you decide how many you want!

Perhaps you have a small bathroom space that you want to fill? Buy one pack of 6 mirrors to fill it for only ÂŁ60!

How about filling a whole wall? Measure your space and save money by purchasing larger packs!

These are the perfect gift for any home lover, upgrade your mirrors this new year! 
Purchasing a puppy for the new year? Then you’ll need a pet gate! Find a gate as cute as your new family member on our site, with lots of colours and designs to choose from, there’s one for every home!

We have numerous designs, including our bestselling Moucharabiya pattern, Verdure, Kerplunk and Kaleidoscope. They are available in our signature colours: black, dove‑grey and white!

Our gates are available in 2 styles; with a door and without a door 

Purchasing the tools needs to house a dog is important and can be costly, so don’t compromise on money or design with our pet gates!
Just as versatile as our screens, our trellises can be used in so many ways, both indoors and out.

Spruce Up Your Pergolas and Covers – Add our trellises to the posts of your pergolas, adding subtle decor to boring spaces.

Top Off Your Walls—Having a pre-existing wall doesn’t mean you have to miss out on our trellis tops! Instead of installing a trellis fence, simply add our trellises to the tops of your walls, thus increasing privacy and enhancing the beauty!

Frame your interiors‑ Place trellises either side of your TV or photographs to fill the walls and frame the centrepiece!

As gates are so essential, why not have a stunning one? We have such a range of different pedestrian gates, there is one for every project!

We offer several types of pedestrian gates:

Trellis Gates- We offer gates with the best of both worlds; privacy and a beautiful design to top it! Available in a range of colours, designs and heights, you will definitely be able to find your perfect fit!

Full Privacy‑ If you are keen to keep the privacy in your garden, perhaps our full privacy gates would fit your project best. Despite their private appearance, they still look attractive and exciting; they are gates to be envied!

Screen Gate‑ Love our screens? Why not get a gate to match! Our screen gates are the best of our screens but in a gate form; just as stunning! 

Our gates are a great gift to oneself, it’s been a hard year, treat yourself!

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