Our day with TOWIE’s Chloe Sims!

Our day with TOWIE’s Chloe Sims!

Yes, you’ve read the title correctly. We had a lovely opportunity to visit Chloe Sims (@chloe_simsstarship) from The Only Way is Essex to install a bespoke 12ft (W) x 12ft (L) x 8ft (H) Pergola, using our Cream Moucharabiya Screens.

We have a video of the entire process over on our YouTube channel here!

Our Moucharabiya screens give off a Boho vibe, and make for an iconic centrepiece to any garden in any weather, as if you’re on holiday in an exotic country, relaxing by the pool side – but in the comfort of your own garden.

The pieces required for one of these projects are as follows:

  • 4x 8ft Square Based Timbers
  • 8x 12ft flat timbers
  • 4x 8ft Flat timbers
  • 42x Medium Moucharabiya Screens

And an assortment of power tools laid out in the video linked below. 

A pergola is absolutely a team project, so gather 2 or 3 friends, put a day or two aside, paint, measure and mark your pieces and get stuck in!

Some of the longer timbers needed cutting down to our needs, so it is best to start with too much rather than not enough. The corner timbers require cutting as well, not to make them shorter, but to accommodate the height and width of the frame. 

We arrived on site, cleared the garden, ensured the finished product would stand level and stable in the garden. Some of this was done on the day, other parts were cut and painted days prior to match the dimensions and colour of the screens.

Once the cutting was completed, our team began to fix the frame of the pergola in place, ensuring that the holes and screws were drilled in place. 

We’ve found that some of our customers are surprised, pleasantly, by the size of our pergolas, thinking they’d end up smaller than they actually were. With that in mind, we should set the record straight on the size of these things.

This one we made for Chloe was large, 12ft Wide x 8ft High x 12 feet Deep. 

Our medium pergolas (which you can also see on our social media channels) are 8ft Wide x 8ft High x 4ft Deep.  

Either way, a pergola is the biggest exhibition display our headline product, and because they’re all made from scratch, you can customise them how you want – this pergola was covered in Moucharabiya, but you could try this yourself with Verdure, Frond or any of our other designs – all of which are available for you to start work with ASAP with our free UK next working day delivery.

This one has the roof and only two sides covered, but you could easily cover a third side (that’s 12 more medium screens), or even leave the roof open – whichever size you choose, whatever design you go with, every screen is weatherproof, eye catching and requires no maintenance.

📸 Large Pergola Set Up (3.6m Height)

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