outside view of sliding window cover using moucharabiya screens

Privacy is Key: Decorative window screen

Once again, we at Screen With Envy are blown away by the creativity of our customers! One of our key motivations behind our products and the business is enhancing the privacy of your homes.
How about creating a sliding door cover with some of our screens? That is exactly what @luloju has done and we think it looks incredible!
The screens are fitted into a door frame that slides across the outside of the pre-existing double doors on a rail.
The structure fits tightly against the outside wall, thus taking up minimal excess space! This is a great idea for those who want to incorporate our gorgeous screens into their garden design but have less space.
The door is lockable from both inside and outside, proving extra security to the glass doors behind. This also allows for the glass doors to be opened without compromising security.
The customer has suspended 3 Dove Grey Moucharabiya Screens between the gate frame to create a decorative feature piece that is visible both inside and outside the house. 
The stunning Moucharabiya pattern allows through an abundance of light, creating a beautiful Arabic-architecture-inspired shadow on the floor. 
Our screens can be use as cladding or as feature pieces for any project! They are versatile and zero-maintenence and therefore can be used in a whole number of ways.
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