Screen With Envy @ The Ascot Spring Garden Show

Screen With Envy @ The Ascot Spring Garden Show

Where has the time gone this year?! Last month we had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with Pip Probert of Outer Spaces for her show garden entry to the new Ascot Spring Garden Show

We get it – your garden is your sanctuary. You meticulously choose the right plants to accent the space and give you the calm and beautiful space that you are looking for. As this is such a special location for you, it is important for you that you get a high level of privacy to enjoy the space in peace. There are traditional garden panels that you can choose, but let's be honest, these are often not the most aesthetically pleasing options. Our products offer you the same benefits as a traditional garden privacy screen but with a modern twist. Here is a look at the magic that happened when garden designer used our freestanding garden screens UK at the Ascot Spring Garden Show.

This first image is a close-up shot of what our privacy screen looks like in Pip’s garden design. These stunning flowers frame the privacy screen perfectly. The design on the screen looks like just another stylish piece in this garden. The soft cream colouring on the screen makes the colours of these flowers and greenery really pop. It has a picturesque feel to it. You can see that because the product is made with an advanced wood composite, it is much easier to work with than metal. All Pip had to do was drill the screen into the posts, rather than get involved with a complicated installation. Unlike cheaper materials, they do not warp or expand and contact with changes in temperature, meaning our products really can be attached to any surface.


In this next picture, you can see one far angle of this image. You can get an idea of just how much privacy you can get with this beautiful screen. It is a stunning backdrop to this garden while also giving you the right amount of coverage to relax without people watching you as you relax. It seems the crowd certainly agreed, as Pip's garden won the coveted “People's Choice Award” – we are absolutely thrilled for her and her team. What she created it truly breathtaking!


This final picture gives the best example of the high level of privacy that our screens offer. You can get some light through the screen, but it can be hard for anyone to see exactly what is going on in the garden. One of the best things about this privacy wall is the aesthetical appeal that you can get from it. It feels as if it is a sculpture that belongs in the garden, like the perfectly manicured plants or the rocks that were positioned just so in the garden.

There are a lot of benefits that comes with choosing our screen panels. It offers style and elegance for your garden. Due to the way that these screens are manufactured, they are also easy to install and can be installed either vertically or horizontally. This means that you can get exactly the looking you have been striving for in your garden.

Screen With Envy garden screens are gorgeous and versatile contemporary garden screens. If you are looking for metal garden screens UK or just want decorative garden screens UK, our product is an excellent option for garden screening privacy ideas. Garden screening from neighbours gives you a lot of privacy when you just want to relax outside without worrying about people watching you. Not only are these incredibly stylish options, but they are much easier to work with than metal options. They can be drilled like wood for installation but are more breathtaking than other options. 


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