Create your summer garden now!

Create your summer garden now!

We may be approaching the colder months and the sunny weather may slowly be slipping from underneath us, but you can still use your outdoor space to entertain your family and friends!
Here are a few ideas to spruce up your outdoor space for use at this time of year!

Heat up the night with a hot tub

If you have the space, why not invest in a hot tub? Enjoying a beverage after a long week on a Friday is unbeaten!  
We see so many images from our customers every week of their beautiful hot tub space, often decorated with our stunning screens either as cladding or used as part of an overarching pergola. As the screens are suitable for use all year round, they make a perfect addition to any garden space!
Our screens come in three colours and nine designs in our composite material alongside three designs in our pre-rusted corten material.
This customer has used our Large, Black, Verdure Screens to decorate their decking around the hot tub. This also enhances the privacy of the space, making it perfect for entertaining guests in the hot tub, day or night!

Good lighting is key

With darker days approaching, it's vital to have good light outdoors, so the garden can be enjoyed for as long as possible!
Strung up, candles on the floor, curtain lights, there are so many variations to choose from! Low hanging bulbs such as those used in the image above provide a modern, rustic twist to the area, and would match perfectly with our Corten Screens, which project the same chic vibe.

Let's fire it up!

Anyone else been sat outside recently and though 'I'm freezing'? Us too!!
Perhaps a firepit is the answer?  
This customer has layered our trellises to hide their plain brick wall, the Kerplunk design reflecting the modern style, matching the patterned cushions and glass table.
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